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You probably never thought you'd hear this, but the next comic is complete!  It is an FMG FEAST which features a collaboration between SteeleBlazer84 and myself.  It's the biggest, most ambitious FMG comic I've ever worked on, which is why it was so long in the making.

All being well, we will be releasing the comic next week, so stay tuned and thanks for your support (and patience!)

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  • Reading: Hellboy in Hell
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So at last, my new FMG/Giantess comic is done, and on sale at my site

For those asking, this comic has 2 stories in, which I've shown previews of here on DA for a while.  The main story is this one:…
and the back-up story is this one:…

Thanks to everyone who buys it, I hope you like it!  If it does well, I will be doing more.  I have a LOT of ideas...

I'll also post some more preview panels here on DA soon.

Thanks for the support!

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Hi all, thanks to everyone who has messaged me about new FMG comics - I promise I am working on it!

Right now I'm hard at work on 3 comics - 2 will appear on my own site later this year (not sure exactly when).  I'm thinking of starting a subscription site, or possibly a site with individual downloads... I need to look into this more - any advice is very welcome!

I also have plans for at least 2 other FMG comics, which I have started writing recently... it's a shame the artwork takes so long to do!!

Thanks again for the support,

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Big thanks to everyone who was watched me on DA so far - I hit the 500 mark today!

I am doing more and more FMG art these days, with a lot more to come in 2013.  For those who have asked, I am currently working on at least 3 different FMG projects - some I will post here on DA, some are for pay sites (possibly including my own, coming soon).

As for commissions, I'm very busy right now, but I'm always interested to talk about new ones!

Thanks again for the support :)

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Thanks to all who have added me to their watch list, I really appreciate it.

Right now I'm working on finishing up a looooong term project, which will give me lots more time to draw the FUN stuff - FMG, fetish comics, etc, and contribute a lot more to DA.

For the Muscle Growth fans, I'm working on a new comic which I have drawn 6 pages of so far.  I'm not sure when it will be finished, as it depends on the writer who has commissioned it - it's looking good though!

Thanks for your support!!

KR  :)
Almost up to 300 watches... thanks everyone for the support!!

Thanks also for the great comments on the Growth Contest story - I'm really glad everyone dug it.

I'm working on several commissions right now, and I'm not able to post any new art for the time being.  I will be putting up some new stuff soon though, so stay tuned.